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August 2022 Blog

Contemplation: A Haiku

To write or write not –

Seems more than my navel needs

Attention these days.

by Ann Wilmer-Lasky



That is the question. Searching for an answer this month.

I find I cannot continue as I am – always promising myself to sit down and write the stories, the novels, this blog. I am only consistent with the Haiku I write daily, and that is probably because it’s become such an ingrained habit.

All else is up for contemplation.

I find very little inspiration in life these days for continuing my writing. Even though the act of writing does offer me those few moments of joy in life I so desperately need, I sometimes wonder if I can continue.

I do have a decent backlist  of books to my credit, and I would certainly like more, but I will never match the well over 100 historical romance novels my good friend, neighbor and landlady has produced.

She cranks out a new one every month or so. I would find that exhausting. But even more exhausting is mentally beating myself up because I have not written, because I can’t seem to carve out the time for writing.

Sometimes I wonder how I ever did. I wrote most of my novels while still working a full time job – mostly writing in the evening propped up in bed for an hour or two.

Now, I don’t work , I have all the time in the world and I just can’t seem to find that time.

Or am I just the world’s best (or worst) procrastinator? I guess I’m the best, because I’m so good at it.

So, do I overcome, or do I succumb to this latest version of writer’s block?

If I succumb, I don’t have to ever worry about missing a deadline again. But, by the same token, I will never know the joy of hearing someone say they enjoyed my work again, or it made them feel better for a little while, or even that they agree with me and I made a slight difference somewhere.

I I can overcome, I will have satisfaction in knowing that I’ve still got it – the drive and the talent.

Hopefully, I can sort it out this month. I guess it boils down to this: If I post a blog next month, I overcame. If I don’t – I succumbed. I’m actually leaning toward overcoming, but we’ll see.

In the meantime, I’ll get my manuscripts todgether and look at what I have already written. Maybe that will inspire me to continue. Or one of my characters may whisper in my ear and get me going again. That has happened before, too.

Hopefully, I can gather my wits about me and continue. Life would be boring without the murder and mayhem my characters can get me caught up in.

While we’re all waiting to see which way the cookie crumbles, feel free to check out my eclectic selection of books on Amazon. There may be something there you have yet to read.

Until next month, read and write to your heart’s content. Enjoy what respite you can find in your lives.

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  1. I sure hope you find the time, too much stress in your life lately. I've loved the books of yours that I've read and hope to read more. As you said hopefully one of your characters will reach out and assist!!